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I’ve coded a lot of stuff, much of which is opensourced and not maintained anymore. Most of the code can currently be found in my repos on GitHUB


The post-quantum cryptography tool, see the little infopage.


Tiny L (functional language) compiler. It doesn’t know much, but served as a proof that low-level functional programs (without GC) may be cool.


Simple decentralized Ethernet VPN that is now being transformed into an ultimate mesh-networking tool.


Modifiable X11 Display manager with a cool GL default skin.


Scheme interpreter. Tiny scheme implementation in C++. Kindof slow, but highly modifiable and tightly connected with C++ classes and hierarchy, which enables easy embedding in applications.


Proof-of-concept OpenGL NSPlugin for firefox, which got used as a codebase for several other projects.


A game with bunnies and blood. Lots of blood. Inspired by Jump’n‘Bump but singleplayer.


Racing in BASH (!) with ascii graphics and stuff. You have a superfast car and drive it down a highway, trying to stay on the road and avoid crashing into others.


FFT number multiplier. Not really usuable for anything big (unless you desperately wanted to produce scientific data using a bash script), but usuable if you are searching for a tiny FFT implementation to be included into something.